Tongtai TBT-160

Adopt symmetric double wall design column.

Y axis dual guide rail applies a 4 face contact design.

Movable face applies a low friction air-floated design, greatly enhancing positioning and repeated precision.

TBT series is suitable for energy and shipping industries.

Specification TBT-160
Quill diameter Ø160 mm
Table size (L×W) 2,000×2,000 (2,000×2,500) (2,500×2,500) mm
Max. loading capacity 15,000 (20,000) (25,000) kg
X axis travel 3,000 (4,000) (5,000) mm
Y axis travel 2,500 (3,000) mm
Z axis travel 2,200 (2,700) mm
W axis travel 800 mm
X/Y/Z/W axis rapid traverse 25/25/25/25 m/min
Spindle taper 7/24 Taper No.50
Spindle speed 3,500 rpm
Spindle motor 88/62.5/52 kW
Tool capacity 60 (90) (120) pc