Werner FB160HA


  • H - Full Functionality
  • HA - Full Functionality, Design Update Version A
Worktable size mm 2000×2500
Max worktable load kg 30000
T slot (no.*width) mm 11×28
Worktable index 0.001°
Max rotary speed r/min 1
Worktable size mm 2500×6000
Column travel x mm 6000+2000×N
Longitudinal travel y mm 3000+500×N
Ram travel z mm 900
Spindle travel w mm 1000
Rapid traverse x/y/z/w m/min 6/8/5/4
Motor power kW 74/88
Max spindle speed rpm 2~1250
Spindle tapper BT50
Boring shaft dia mm Φ160
Boring shaft torque N.m 5000
Axial boring shaft resistance N.m 50000
Milling shaft head dia mm Φ280
Milling shaft torque N.m 6850/8220
Ram section size (L×W) mm 440×480
Number of tools pc 40 (chain)
Tool shank MAS403 BT50
Max tool dia/lenght/weight mm/mm/kg Φ125/400/25
Max tool dia (empty nighbor cell) mm Φ250
Atc (t to t) s 13
Positioning (x/y/z) mm 0.032/1000
Repositioning (x/y/z) mm 0.018/1000
Positioning (w) mm 0.032/1000
Repositioning (w) mm 0.018/1000
Chip conveyor chain type
Machine weight kg 110000