Werner HM63TD


  • TS - Single pallet, reverse 'T'
  • TD - Double pallets, reverse 'T'
  • TL - Reverse 'T' Type, Single pallets, Travel update
  • [ ] - Option
Worktable Size mm 2-630×630
Max Table Load kg 1200
Table Indexing 1° [0.001°]
APC Time S 20
Table Exchange by servo motor
Max Table Speed r/min 10
Max Swing length/height mm 1000×1000
Travel x/y/z/w mm 1000×850×900
Spindle to Worktable mm 200~1100
Spindle to Worktable Center mm 0~850
Rapid Traverse x/y/z m/min 30
Motor Power kW 18.5/22
Max Spindle Speed rpm 4500
Spindle Torque N.m 647/770
Spindle Taper 7:24 taper No.50
Number of Tools pc 32 (chain type)
Tool Shank MAS403 BT50
Max Tool dia/length/weight mm/mm/kg Φ125/400/20
Max Tool dia (empty neighbor) mm Φ250
Atc (t to t) s 4.75
Drilling (normalized mild steel) mm Φ55
Threading (normalized mild steel) mm M45
Milling (normalized mild steel) cm3/min 600
Positioning Accuracy (x/y/z) mm 0.010
Repositioning Accuracy (x/y/z) mm 0.006
Positioning Accuracy (b) 6
Repositioning Accuracy (b) 2
Chip Conveyor double helix + chain type sideway conveyor
Net Weight kg 21000